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ATWE – The Art of Trauma, Worth & Empowerment: Grief Impairment

Art of Trauma prototype altered book

Art of Trauma prototype altered book

Grief that gets stuck in the heart turns into anger. Anger drives crime and recidivism. Trauma-informed care addresses what happened to the child; the fact that they had no coping skills or effective mentoring to move through the trauma; and the acting out and loss of self-worth that followed. This course recognizes that crime is ultimately driven by unresolved trauma. The grief-impairment is therefore identified and art is the sensory means of moving through it. The expressive art media of altered books is utilized over the 21 weeks to examine, process and heal the traumas, grief and loss, and resulting diminished self-worth. The class structure is pod-mentoring, which allows the class to accommodate 35 students. Carol E. Briney is a certified Trauma Specialist and her doctoral concentration is how unresolved trauma effectuates violence, crime, and prisoners.20140327_182303

The Empowerment of Socio-Metaphysics – The course examines society’s ideas and the successful interaction of the metaphysics of self within societies. In other words, we examine ontological questions, social structure, individual core beliefs, and how they might interact, identifying more life choices to select from. Sociology, science, theology, philosophy, history, psychology, and anthropology are utilized to encourage awareness and deductive reasoning. This is a 16-week course, designed and facilitated as a team effort with RBN staff, guest speakers, and prisoners as a reentry bridging initiative. Prisoners can be certified to instruct this course.

Advanced Socio-Metaphysics – Classes explore a more experiential and expanded look at topics discussed in The Empowerment of Socio-Metaphysics.

MTE –Mentoring, Training, & Empowering – MTE is a two-tiered program that varies based on the curriculum needs of each facility:

  1. RBN staff mentors, trains and empowers the instructors and the leadership of inmate groups in effective organizing, mentoring, development, and teaching methods that effectively impact not only the participants, but ultimately overflows to the entire compound population.
  2. In a structured classroom setting, inmates instruct other inmates in subjects that they themselves have spent years researching, studying, and mastering. Classes average 15-20 students and provide educational, vocational, and mentoring opportunities for participants. This perpetual program is set up and run similar to a mini-college inside the prison with an instructor and an assistant instructor. The number of classes held during a semester is dependent on availability of classroom space in a prison. Some classes run 10 weeks, and others 20 weeks. Example: if a prison has seven rooms available for one day a week, we will average 20 different courses for a semester, having two time slots to teach in, averaging 250 students who will graduate with a certificate for the class they completed.

Trauma is experienced on a sensory level and must be processed through sensory activities such as the healing arts.

Understanding Poverty – A 16 week certificated course focused on the critical study of the hidden rules and language registries of the class system based on Dr. Ruby Payne’s writings. The foundational question is “What difference does it make how I talk?” The program further supports prisoner groups such as Toastmasters and Gavel Club.

Financial Peace University – Dave Ramsey’s 16 week class on practical, functional financial literacy for successful living. This is a DVD and workbook supported program.

Money Smart – An 8 week ODRC reentry-certified course on basic financial literacy.

IPP – Introduction to Prison Programming – This 8 week program is the foundation to education, communication, and how to make the most of prison time.

Literacy of Daily Living in Community – This 8 week program provides basic grass roots daily living skills

Reshaping futures through strength-based programs

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