Prison Programs & Graduations

David Kidd – Yoga Paths to Enlightenment, June 5, 2009

David Kidd, chairman of Canton Transcendental Meditation Center, guest speaker for The Empowerment of Socio-Metaphysics class, June 5, 2009, speaks on the Yoga Paths to Enlightenment.

Carol E. Briney – Death and Dying, May 22, 2009

Carol E. Briney, The Empowerment of Socio-Metaphysics class instructor, May 22, 2009, speaks on ontological  theories of death and dying

Khelleh Konteh – Out of Africa, April 10, 2009

Khelleh Konteh, Ohio Dept of Rehabilitation & Corrections Regional Director, April 10, 2009, speaks on growing up in Africa,coming to America, and his career in corrections, in The Empowerment of Socio–Metaphysics class.

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