Prison Events & Workshops

Al Cleveland – How to Paint with Acrylic

Alfred Cleveland, master artist & musician, created an instructional video inside prison in order to encourage other men to paint.  Al entitles his video Student of Life Workshop: How to Paint with Acrylic Instructional DVD: How to Paint With Acrylic from Carol Briney on Vimeo.

Khelleh Konteh – Out of Africa general population event, 2010

Khelleh Konteh, Ohio Dept of Rehab and Corrections Regional Dir, 2010, speaks to the general population regarding his life and education in Africa, and his career in corrections in the United States. Series 2 Class 12 from Carol Briney on Vimeo.

Carol E. Briney – The Retablo Affect workshop, 2008

Carol E. Briney, author, 2008, facilitates an onsite workshop based on her book The Retablo Affect, which focuses on getting through the garbage to the God in you and painting that iconic image. Art Workshop: The Retablo Affect from Carol Briney on Vimeo.

Dr. Cindy Bashaw – Holiday Anxiety, December 4, 2009

Dr. Cindy Bashaw, MSSW, is guest speaker for the general population event, sponsored by The Empowerment of Socio-Metaphysics class, December 4, 2009, speaks on Holiday Anxiety.  

Chanan Aqu-Simmons, poet

Chanan Aqu-Simmons is a master slam poet. He teaches poetry and presentation inside Ohio prisons.  Here he was chosen to perform at the TEDXMarion prison event.

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