ODRC – The Face of Reentry

The Face of Reentry is a documentary created by the Ohio Dept of Rehab & Corrections in an effort to educate the community on reentry,  November 1, 2009

Insight from the Inside

This 2011 documentary was done inside an Ohio prison as a collaborative instructional project between United Purpose Inmate Group  and Buckeye Digital Video Services. Nine prisoners speak about growing up, school and education, the wrong turn, prison life, and final thoughts and advice.

Al Cleveland – Interviews Carol E. Briney

Alfred Cleveland, prisoner, interviews Carol E Briney, exec director of Reentry Bridge Network, regarding reentry and prison life, 2009

YARP- Young Adult Reentry Program (#2 draft)

I have chosen to include this version of the YARP documentary due to its additional content of the participants. However, the posted FINAL version is the video that was distributed.

YARP – Young Adult Reentry Program

RBN collaborated with Ohio Department of Youth Services to provide pro-social programs for 9 male juveniles who had just reentered community from juvenile prisons. The project took place the summer of 2012. The program provided community-wide, diverse activities and programs from 10am-2:00pm Monday through Thursday for three months.  There were approximately 50 collaborations. When we […]

Reshaping futures through strength-based programs

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