Reentry Bridge Network, Inc. (RBN) is an Ohio-based 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity organization.

Founding Executive Director ~ Carol Briney, MLS, BAFA, AAFA, TS 

When parents don’t shield children from trauma, children lose trust in adults.

Carol E. Briney, a contemporary grounded theorist in the educational environment, believes that a systematic approach is required to reduce the likelihood of incarceration or recidivism.  For nearly a decade, she has written and facilitated holistic pro-social programs inside juvenile and adult prisons and in community forums.  Her programs focus on human value, trauma-informed care, grief-impairment, daily literacy, reentry and job readiness, the healing arts, and understanding poverty.  The foundation of Briney’s work is her strong belief — If we can’t help people to realize their own universal value – that they are a divine creation interwoven within the fabric, the whole of life – how can we expect them to see the value in their victims or their environment? This is gained through asset-building strength-based programs, not punitive action. In addition, unresolved trauma must be healed in order to move away from the acting out that often results in incarceration.

Briney earned her Master of Liberal Studies from Kent State University; her Bachelor of Arts Fine Arts and Psychology minor from the University of New Mexico; her Associate of Arts Fine Arts from Central New Mexico College; and her certification as a Trauma Specialist from the TLC Institute.  She is currently pursuing her Interdisciplinary Studies PhD based on her research  in the effects of trauma on violence, crime and prisoners.

Briney authored the following books:  Walls to Windows, 2015, My Journey with Prisoners: Perceptions, Observations & Opinions 2013; Prison Coffee Table Book Project, Volume 1 & 2, 2008, 2009; The Retablo Affect, 2009. Volume 3 of the Prison coffee Table Book Project will publish 2014. She is a member at large of the Ohio Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition and is on numerous advisory committees within her field. She is the director of the National Prisoner Arts Project, and the Northeast Ohio Offender Arts Project collaborations with the Federal Public Defenders Office and Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. She also directs the Ohio Prison Library Project.

One-third of the 51,000 Ohio prisoners are serving time for non-violent crimes. Duh?

Reshaping futures through strength-based programs

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